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Overview of the Conference

Overview of the Conference

Why to attend the conference?

1. Attending this conference would help you take break from your work to sharpen your skills and polish your ideas and approaches by meeting your peers and counterparts.

2. You can meet experts and high profile delegates face to face and share ideas and results of past and present researches.

3. You can establish new networks on meeting new people and helps you learn new tools to keep you alive in your field of interest.

4. This conference is good enough to provide you a unique convergence of networking, learning and fun into single package.

5. This conference will force you to grow and challenge yourself with your ideas and approaches.

6. All your research articles will be published in reputed UGC journals

Who can attend the conference?

1. Professors

2. Scientists

3. Research Scholars

4. Academicians

5. Industrial Professionals

6. Students (Engineering & Management)

7. Policy Makers


1. Associations of Cloud Technologists

2. Global Association of Nano Technology

3. International Association for Big Data Analysts

4. International Association for IOT

5. International Wireless Network Association

6. World Association for Structural Engineers

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